This is our WHAT. Real estate photography. With 10+ years experience, and more than 5,500 properties photographed. That’s our job. Telling the story of each property, creating enquiry and showcasing features. A strong working relationship and understanding with our clients, and equally the property, is critical to helping ensure the marketing assets are the very best they can be. Natural, true and honest.

Real estate photography

Our real estate photography uses a multi shot workflow process to capture the spaces as if you were standing there. We don’t “over process” to create an un-natural image. By harvesting ambient light, we ensure the light flows from the windows and into the room like you were in the spot. Check out a few options HERE. By shooting multiple images, combining flash and “harvesting” ambient light, we maintain the integrity of the light flow, shadows and light balance of the room. Editing is done by hand, combining the light to produce a natural and true reflection of the space. Meanwhile we constantly refine our workflow to ensure continual improvement. Hence we are very proud of our images, and the skills needed to capture the required images. Our process is unique, personal and highly accurate.

Add emotion and feeling with dusk images

Real Estate Photography

Dusk real estate photography adds a markedly different level of emotion to a listing. Images pop with the amazing colours of nature, and bring a real warm and inviting feel to the property. Above all, we understand the science of dusk photography. Firstly the technical camera settings required to compliment the science of civil and nautical twilight. Dusk real estate photography is a real art form, we can transform a property to really pop and add emotion to your listing.

Compliment your listing with video

Marketing to Gen Y and Gen Z/millennials requires lateral thinking. The generation that grew Youtube, and also made social media the way to connect and inform. You need to connect with them on these platforms. Many buyers now will watch a video FIRST, before deciding to look further into a product or service, OR real estate listing. If you are not creating video for your listing, you may very well be missing a valuable section of the demographic of potential buyers. Consider the competing properties may have video, are you doing the best job for your vendor? We create video content that will inform and entertain the viewer. We coach the agent through the production, how to engage with the buyer that is watching. How to present the property, and invite engagement from potential buyers. Our YouTube channel is HERE.

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