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The Real Estate Photographer

Dealing with specialists is always a distinct advantage. You don’t get an amateur to wire your house, and you don’t use Dodgy Dudes Garage to redo the brakes on your family car. When selling your home, insist on a specialist real estate photographer. You will want a great result, so great imagery is essential to achieve that. Not good images, great images and to make sure you get that, check out our comparisons of good and great images. With 3100+ houses photographed, we have the skills, experience and expertise to exceed your expectations.

If you are a property developer, a residential builder, a franchise building company or a private seller, we have a a product option to meet your needs. Our entire goal is to exceed your expectations by using high end techniques and methods perfected over 1000’s of properties and more than 40,000 images. Nice blue skies, clean natural lighting with harvested ambient light will present an image that is truely representative of standing in the position. Window views retained, and clean light capture to all corners with correct shadow fall and no distortion. Items we deliver on all our images.

What defines a Real Estate Photographer?

Equipment is essential for quality work, wide angle lens, high powered flash, off camera flash commander control, sturdy tripod and the ability to see practical composition. In this industry, less is generally more. Statics show that the average buyer will spend 43 seconds on a property microsite. So if you have 20+ images, what level of engagement will the buyer have? Less than 2 secs. 10-12 images will easily give most buyers a good feeling for most 3-4 bedroom homes. 12-15 for

4 bedrooms with 2-3 bathrooms. Buyers generally do not want to see garages, laundries and multiple bedroom angles. The real key to any real estate photographer is their ability to post production edit images. Sky replacements, light correction, shad

ow and highlight recovery create great images. Capturing the image at the correct exposure is critical to having a great result in post production.

What content is great content for my listing?

A real estate photographer specialist will have a clear understanding of the market, and best practice imagery to ensure your listing stands out. Listings that look same old, same old as all the others, will not pop, they will blend in. That will not achieve a great result. Statistics also show that property micro sites with rich media content attract more enquiry, deeper enquiry than listings without. Rich media refers to floor plans and video. Statistics from state that a property microsite with true video will attract engagement of over 5 mins, 300+ secs! That’s nearly 8 times that of listings without video. Please be very clear, a slideshow does not in any way constitute video. Statistics show that “click-away” levels are very high with slideshow content, buyers do not want to watch a slideshow of the images they have just looked at. Particularly with elevator music….A great listing will have quality images, just enough to create the enquiry, practical angles with good composition. Great lighting and no window blow out. That is just lazy photography. Rich media will set the listing ahead of the “others” buyers with great information arrive at the property well prepared, well researched. They like what they see, they are there to get a feel, put the pieces together. They are there because they are engaged. Now the agent gets to do their magic!

Do I Need a Property Video?

Do you want to achieve a great result? Do you want to market your property to a worldwide audience 24/7? Anytime, anywhere? Then yes, you need a property video. The content and structure of your property video is critical to achieve a great result. Length, flow, music and angles are essential for buyer emotion. We have all the data, the experience and skill to provide quality property video that will create unique buyer engagement and emotion. We will get engaged buyers in front of your agent. These skills have been refined with over 400 property video shoots with properties of all market segments in both residential, development and commercial areas.

Should I have aerial images?

Listings with aerial images obviously create dynamic engagement. It’s more rich material that buyers have to work with when deciding what homes to visit. They understand the area, the location to amenities, the general position of the property. Great aerial images are delivered by a great real estate photographer. We are fully certified and compliant with the CAA Part 102 rules surrounding safe and practical aerial drone operations. This ensures that all parties are protected from any possible CAA regulation breeches. The agent, agency and vendor are mitigated from risk of prosecution by contracting a certified drone pilot. Check out our UAV drone page. By having excellent knowledge of CAA restrictions, and a strong Part 102 certification and huge experience our ability to achieve great aerial images is very powerful.

Make us your first choice Real Estate Photographer

We are not just another supply option for you. We don’t just take great images and stunning video. We are your marketing partner, we work with you to ensure your listing is the best it can be, stands out on the web, and has great rich media content. We are a specialist professional real estate photographer solution. Be it architectural, commercial, development, sub division, show homes, specialist kitchen or bathroom suppliers, we can provide you with stunning images that show the level of your workmanship. Contact us today to create a business partnership that will add value to your services and options.