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A little bit about our team.

Having relocated back to the region after a tour of duty in Auckland, this is our team! We strive to be a complete solution to Palmerston North for Specialist Real Estate, Architectural Photography and Videography. Warren is a CAA Certified Part 102 Pilot. Our solutions are about providing the very best images, videography that creates enquiry and engagement with buyers. We have vast experience with real estate marketing in many varying market conditions. We see ourselves as a big part of your team. It's our intention to exceed you and your vendors expectations, and provide the platform for an exceptional result.

Working with us on YOUR team

With over 3000 homes photographed, our experience and skill set will handle any situation. With quality equipment, the highest level techniques that "harvest" natural light and show spaces and areas just like you are standing in front of them. Each home will be presented in the best possible way we can. Vendors buy in is essential to achieve this result. We see ourselves as part of your marketing team, a critical part to help ensure the 3 E's are achieved. Any successful sales organisation has quality suppliers on their team. We value relationships, loyalty and people that have constant desire to improve and innovate. Creating amazing business relationships, creates amazing business performance and achieves amazing customer experiences.

Meet the Team

We bring a unique dynamic to the table, the mad scientist and the Minister of Fun. You can make your own mind up on who has which role......


Photographer & Editor


Trained in studio photography, and also a qualified printer, I have the eye for composition, colour and clarity. The 3 C's more important than the Diamond ones! The last four years has been an incredible journey through the full circle of real estate that Auckland has navigated it's way through. From multi million dollar homes of the rich and famous, to units, apartments derelict and even meth infected rentals. Ive seen it all! Iv'e been so lucky to work with some of the highest reputation agents and agencies. Through those associations, I have developed a clear style of architectural photography, that has achieved great results. I have strong experience with leading edge marketing skills that will add value to any listing. I commit to making your listings stand out from the crowd, and give you the ability to be the agent or person that "gets the extra $20k" on your sales. I'm so confident you will be able to see a visible difference from my images, I challenge you to test me out. If I don't exceed your expectations, there will be no cost. Simple as that.


Admin & Editing


Keeping on top of the behind the scenes actions, Lisa keeps the machine in peak condition. With graphic design and digital printing experience, her attention to detail is very strong! With several years of admin experience and being self employed, Lisa just gets stuff done when it needs to be done! It's a fast paced industry, and being aware and adaptive to the market is crucial for any marketing campaign.