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Drone Services

Drone Operator

Drones are now capable of many services and solutions. As a certified drone operator, all our operations are conducted under the CAA Part 102 regulations. We are certified to fly commercial operations, and maintain strict compliance with our aircraft and operational procedure. We have multiple aircraft and many levels of certification covering inspections, survey, mapping and night operations. The options for aerial images are many, the uses for drones continues to grow, and the ability to provide critical information to stakeholders in real time, is astounding. Drone use is growing, and the information they provide for many uses will be invaluable to business looking for improvements in operations, safety and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your problem and let us create a solution!

Aerial Photography

Get unique angles and images that show the position of the property or situation.

Aerial images create angles that can identify specific information

Used for health and safety improvements, efficiency gains and problem identifications

The options are many and the solutions can save time, money and safety

Drone photography packages start from just $115

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Aerial Video

Silky smooth and fully stabilized, drone video up to 4k and 120fps options. We operate with the legendary DJI X5 camera and various lens solutions.

Many options of fps and video size available to meet your requirements.

Drone video packages start from just $150

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Aerial Mapping

Super high resolution mapping images that can be turned to 3d visuals. Any area size is possible from a 1000m2 up to hundreds of hectares. Mapping requires specialised software and flight patterns to produce. The exact same flight plan can be flown numerous times capturing the same images. This ideal for monitoring plant growth, development progress, farm activity, seasonal change, erosion just to name a few options.

Aerial Mapping Packages are complex and have significant variables.

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Survey & Inspection

Equipment, facilities, environment, roofing, structures, power lines, tracks, roads are just a few of the items we can inspect safely and cost effectively. Aerial perspective provide key insight into whats going on, what might go on, and ensure your operations are safe, efficient and cost effective. Talk to us about your unique requirement, and we will work with you on a solution.

These functions are highly complex and very specific.

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Drone Operator

All operations are conducted under CAA Part 102 regulations. We are fully certified and compliant with this legislation. Part 102 operations provide security of safety and risk of compliance to any entity contracting aerial work. We have huge experience and skill available, and multi aircraft within our FLY UAV affiliation. We run the best value equipment with flexibility and broadcast quality images and video. The DJI Inspire 2 aircraft is that solution.

We are proud to be part of the Fly UAV aerial team. Covering the entire North Island for UAV aerial operations.

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