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Marketing Proposals

Welcome to my real estate blog. Had some interesting discussions with both agents and vendors recently about marketing proposals. We have some amazing stats in the market with very low stock levels, plenty of buyers and not much choice. The average days to sell now around 13. Yet, for some strange reason, SOME agencies are proposing a 5 week marketing campaign. Not really sure what rationale is behind that? Do they not understand the market, or is it about marketing […]

An Interesting Experience

Recently I presented to a real estate agency at their weekly sales meeting. I was right at the end of the meeting, and made aware that they were very busy and had properties to go and view. I had requested just 10 mins. Not a great start, as a couple of agents left the room before I even started. So I gave it my best shot with what I had to work with, modified my presentation a little and got […]

Is an Agent A Salesperson or Brand?

Welcome to my real estate blog. I’d really love some feedback on this. Both from the industry and from vendors and buyers. What makes your decisions when deciding on an agent? Do you just go with the selling agent when buying a property? Sitting back and trying to get a feel where things are going, particularly in a strange market. We have a huge mix of agents in the area. Some that have instant “celebrity” status, been around the market, […]


Listening to some radio adverts and reading online statements yesterday. Agents and Sales Managers stating they supplied “the best marketing”. So I went to the sites and looked at “the best marketing”. I saw nothing different on any site, (looked at the three I heard that stated this) All sites had average images with below average composition and lighting. What “video” was present was boring. Agents that promote listings with slideshows are totally missing the mark. Painful to listen to […]