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Hopefully not just another real estate blog, this the way I see things on the day I saw it.... Prepared to be questioned, annoyed, informed and maybe impressed....please interact, comment, critique and challenge. That way we can all learn, grow and continue to innovate within our industry. You don't have to agree, and you may have an opinion. Share it for us all to consider.

30th Jul 18

Appointing a real estate agent, What should I look for?

What do I need to think about when appointing a Real Estate Agent?  ...
19th Jun 18

Twilight Dusk Photography

Twilight dusk photography is an option that helps with rich media marketing. With this...
12th Jun 18

Dynamic Real Estate Video

I had sort of forgotten about this property, but it popped up again on...
11th Jun 18

Vendor Funding

Vendor Funding For Real Estate Marketing Lets have a bit of a look into...
5th Jun 18

Marketing Proposals

Welcome to my real estate blog. Had some interesting discussions with both agents and...