Twilight Dusk Photography

Twilight dusk photography is an option that helps with rich media marketing. With this process, you bring another level of emotion and feeling to the property. It brings the listing to life and shows the property in the amazing period of twilight. But there is a true skill to be able to capture this time slot, it’s a total science.

Twilight dusk photography twilight dusk photography

Without a strong understanding of civil and nautical twilight, colour temperature, white balance and a few other little tricks, you cannot capture this daily occurrence with any real effect. Twilight dusk photography requires totally perfect timing, a sense of urgency that resembles a manic on steroids! As well as a top sense of balance, to move quickly with a few thousand dollars of equipment and some very good insect repellant! But the results of twilight dusk photography can be really dynamic to your listing.

There is investment involved, as this will generally require a return visit to the property. Particularly in the summer months, when dusk is very late. As I mentioned, it’s a total science to capture, a complex mix of timing, camera settings, speed and skill! Then the post processing as well! But just look at what emotion and feeling can be bought to a property. I chose some images that were done just after a rain shower, as this brings another level of texture to the image. Perfect weather is not critical, and rarely fronts when needed.

twilight dusk photography twilight dusk photography twilight dusk photography

Twilight dusk times vary a few mins every day, and they depend on a number of factors. Those factors will have an effect on the final result on the day, but with great post production, they can be enhanced to give the perfect look. Cloud cover and atmospheric issues are the main challenge, but I can still capture the emotion and feel on almost any twilight dusk photography shoot. Heavy wind and steady rain will pretty well rule out exterior options, power cuts also tend to put a bit of a damper on things…

There are other options to look at here on my gallery page, this will help you get a feel for how this option may work for you in your marketing proposals. I do see the use of twilight dusk photography in the local market, but there is real room for improvement in the presentation of images. There is no real excuse for having heavy dark areas, particularly on the interiors. This comes down to the photographers skill level and experience with different situations, and being able to react, correct and capture in the VERY short time span available. Mid winter is the toughest time to get great twilight dusk photography. The timing is critical and the window of time around half what it is in the middle of summer. Some nights, it will be less than 5 minutes of perfect light. But that is the fun of the challenge! Personally, I just love the use of twilight dusk photography for most listings. It’s an investment in marketing at a higher level. It will give your listing a better appeal than the comps in the area, it will make your listing stand out.

Twilight Dusk Photography Investment

What can you expect to pay for quality work? You will need to budget around $100-$130 for this as an add on to the photography budget. When used with clever marketing, open home brochures, your property will really pop and give your buyers more data, more feel and more emotion when looking at the available options. Now in a market so tight, with a low level of listings, and plenty of buyers, it is not great marketing sense to create a distinct point of difference? Vendors who are street smart, who are market aware will be welcoming of suggestions to improve their listing. Make a visible point of difference to the listing, but equally, they must be open to vendor funding of that marketing. To get the results they expect, they need to be a part of the process and be prepared to invest in that. Please check out my blog on vendor funding and how to work with your clients on that issue.

Great twilight dusk photography should form a part of your marketing proposals to your vendors. The investment in putting out great imagery will provide you the platform to get great results for your vendors. The journey of selling real estate needs to be very collaborative, vendors need to understand they have a part of that process. Good luck out there, but most of all, insist on great images for all your photography needs. Your reputation is your biggest asset, and having a supply network that is part of your team, priceless…