Dynamic Real Estate Video

I had sort of forgotten about this property, but it popped up again on realestate.co.nz in the last few days. I still think this is a great example of dynamic real estate video. It even made a feature posting from them. This was an amazing home and a really amazing young family that lived in it. The architecture, the landscaping and the location was bought together in a really complimentary way. The property was substantial, and had 270 degrees of sea views. It’s own beaches and launching ramps! The property was very unique, a purely destination home, about 25kms from the main rd. With its own self contained B & B seperate structure, there was income opportunity to! The windows and glass walls in the property were an amazing feature. Every north facing wall was almost 100% glass.

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Defining a dynamic real estate video

The unobstructed views of Pohutokawa tress and the inlet just soothing and mesmerising! The market for this property is really limited, its someones dream, but probably not everyones! But for those happy with seclusion, sanctuary and time to enjoy the property, all I can say is WOW! For this video, there was no need to run a boring voice over, or even an introduction or call to action. The brief was to let the property do the talking. Keep it to 2 mins. There was so much more to this home, and we could easily done a video of 3-4 mins. That would simply have been to much. Using still images that complimented the video, and any potential buyer would have all the data they needed to make the appointment to view.

Properties like this are rare, and the best way to portray them is to produce a dynamic real estate video that allows the viewer to create the story. There is strong evidence in the market that video without talking has more buyer engagement, longer viewing times and indeed, the sound is not muted! I see far to many agents in the market wanting to talk during video, it’s like they are trying to sell the property then and there? The point of video is about getting engagement, NOT SELLING. Viewers of any video content want one thing, to be entertained. Even when watching a tutorial, a webinar or an instructional video, to be entertained is the key. Talking with boring fact and a video that goes on and on does not entertain.

Creating a dynamic real estate video takes skills specific to this industry. It’s not a matter of shooting angles, and slow slider pans, focus pulls and other tricks. You need to be able to pull the still image content and compliment them with flow and different angles. Take the enquirer on a journey, let them get a different feel in the video. The very few video content I see in my market is heavily around “hard sell” its all about fact and to be honest boring information that is either obvious, available in the property description information or just unnecessary on the video. So my challenge to you creators, agents and indeed vendors, get out there and create some dynamic real estate video with emotion and creativity. Edit it properly, put good music and keep it SHORT. Entertain your audience, don’t inform them. Don’t sell to them. Don’t talk about things, show things. It’s going to add more value to your profile, get more hits, more completions, more entertainment and more enquiry.

Is it time to lift your game?

I’m so keen to see a genuine increase in the level of marketing in my region. It’s not great at the moment, and to be really frank, many agents are being very lazy. We saw this market in Auckland around 3-4 years ago. Houses selling in short time periods, and a shortage of stock. To me, this is a PERFECT time to lift the game, be different, work harder to get BETTER results for your clients. Work smarter to get more enquiry and a better level of enquiry. This is my wheelhouse, this is where I can give you options, ideas, creativity and results that will give you a clear point of difference. It just takes your effort to want to lift your game, and maybe you might want to lead that, as followers tend to miss out in the long run…..especially when there is strong competition for listings. Leaders will prevail. Contact me to discuss, debate or debut! It’s time to lift your game.

Here is a link to the property website.