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Good vs Great Images

Looking through the Property Press and Property Weekly (Weakly) I'm really disappointed with the quality or lack of across many of the photos. I just don't see any great images. The publications are just filled with the same old, same old photos. Soft hero shots, compositions that confuse more than clarify, lighting that is way bright or way dark, angles that create terrible distortion that does my head in......It just seems there is no love in the work, it's just about getting the job done and getting out of there. I don't feel most of the work is from photographers that want to be there, or have a real understanding or passion for architectural photography. Agents don't seem to be to worried about improving the standards, or insisting on good quality. Or do they not understand great images? Price seems to drive this mentality, and perhaps they are getting value for the prices they are paying? But is that delivering value to the vendor? Is putting mediocre photos going to achieve a great result? We have around 14 days in the sales cycle in the region, super fast and not much stock. Stock levels down over 100 houses. So is this not a time to be lifting your game? Making the listing that are live stand out and get more Enquiry, Engagement and Emotion? My 3 E's philosophy. This is where agents get to do what they do best, have competition, build up intensity and create urgency. Then they have a great platform for achieving EXCELLENCE the 4th E!

How do we get the cycle of improvement under way? Who is going to drive a better all around offering into the market? I think it's going to be one of the rock star agents that is pretty new to the industry, and we have a couple of these that I can see are making a real mark out there. These agents have real enthusiasm, they show that in their social media presence, they celebrate success well and involve all parties. As a vendor am I going to list with the same old same old or look at the rock star? There is pro's and con's for both arguments and you will hear them at the agent presentation for your listing. But do your research, see who the movers and shakers are, see who and what the same old same olds are up to, and watch the "steady as she goes" agents doing the same old...

I really want to see things lift here, quality needs to increase and marketing needs to be of a higher standard. We just need more great images. Agents need to work smarter to get the 4th E and they need to value the images they post with each listing. Ive had sales managers tell me that they can buy photos from about $30 less than my offerings and get more images. Is that good value to have more for less? By understanding that the average time spent on a property microsite is 43 secs, what value is 25 average photos going to have? Would 12 GREAT images not be better value? Ive seen listing here with 40+ photos. Garages, toilets, wash basins, 5 angles of the kitchen, 3 of the bedroom.....what value does that offer? What part of the 3 E's does that create? It creates a click away to another listing......

So come on guys, lets lift things, lift marketing with GREAT images, lift the offering to your potential vendors by providing a better product. I'm up to the challenge, and stand behind my work that you WILL SEE A VISIBLE DIFFERENCE with my images, your listings will stand out, and the 3 E's will be achievable!

Lets have a chat and I'm happy to work with you on packages and give you the ability to compare my work. It's just up to you to want to improve or at leat confirm what you are doing now is as good as you think.....Great images are just a click away

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